Covid-19 updates

Your safety is our priority

The Cradle Mountain Wilderness Village will be re-opening on Monday 15th June. 

To ensure the safety of our guests and staff we have made some changes to how we operate.

Social Distancing

We ask that our guests adhere to social distancing requirements whilst in common areas.

Hand sanitiser 

We ask that our guests use hand sanitiser provided in common areas and practise safe hand hygiene. 

Hellyers Restaurant

Closed Sunday and Monday

Room service Tuesday & Wednesday

Open to the Public Thursday - Saturday.

Hellyers Restaurant will be open 7 Days for school Holidays starting

Friday 25th of September til Sunday the 11th of October.

Contactless check-in 

Contacless check in is now available. Please register your interest by clicking here.

Servicing of rooms.

Please be away we will not be offering a traditional servicing of rooms during your stay. Once you have checked in staff will not enter your cabin. If you do need extra supplies or fresh towels during your stay we will be happy to provide them for you.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. 

+61 3 6492 1500

3816 Cradle Mountain Road
Cradle Mountain, TAS 7306 Australia